Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

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Taizé - May 12

Join us at 7:30pm on Friday, May 12 for a quiet time of prayer, meditation, and chant.

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John Latham - May 14

Join us at 10:00am on May 14 as John Latham preaches on "The Invisible Church." 

The College Heights Choir will perform.


Open Mosque Day at the Yaseen Community - May 19

Join us at 7:00pm on Friday, May 19 as we visit Open Mosque Day at the Yaseen Community. The event will be held at 621 Masonic Way in Belmont.

Click the following link for more information about open mosque day.


Jim Burklo - May 21

On May 21 at 10:00am, Jim Burklo will join us to preach on "Mindful Christianity: Knowing the Knower."

That evening Jim will join us for a potluck dinner at 6:00pm. Everyone is welcome!