Worship Volunteer Responsibilities


Opportunity Chart Responsibilities, September 2016 Version

Service Set-up & Greeter

  • Arrive about half an hour early.  Turn on the lights as needed.  The heat comes on automatically on Sunday morning.
  • Fold the bulletins and stuff the inserts.  On the first Sunday of the month (Giving Sunday) there may be envelopes to stuff also.
  • Put out the hymnals, every other chair.  Check the bulletin to see which hymnals are needed.  If the opening hymn or responsive song are in the NCH, use the black New Century Hymnals.  If they are in the PH, use the red Pilgrim Hymnals.  
  • On rare occasions, you’ll need to set up the chairs.  There should be about 40 chairs out for Sunday worship.
  • Greet people as they arrive and hand out bulletins.
  • Periodically update the attendance sheet by checking off the people who have come to service.  If someone comes who isn't on the attendance sheet, write in their name in one of the blank spaces.
  • If there is a guest, help them make a name tag.  Ask them to fill out an info card.  (They’re on the little clipboards, and extra cards are in the credenza.)  If you can, introduce them to someone else too, so they feel welcome.
  • After the service starts, keep an eye out for late arrivals.  Be sure they get a bulletin and invite them in so they feel welcome even though they’re late!
  • At the end of the service, review the attendance sheet to make sure that you got everyone.  
  • Put away the hymnals and collect and toss the leftover bulletins.  Please leave a few on the credenza in the narthex for folks who want to know what happened and weren’t here.  If there are Giving Sunday envelopes, save the extras and put them in the Treasurer mail slot in the office.


  • Read the scripture and any other readings given to you by the worship coordinator.  You are welcome to make some introductory comments before doing the readings.  

Social Hour

  • Make the coffee and hot water before worship.
  • Bring a snack (this is optional, but always appreciated!).  Tablecloths for the snack table are in the big closet.
  • As soon as worship is over, bring out the coffee pots and the goodies.  
  • Stay after the service to clean up.  Empty and rinse out the coffee pot.  Load the dishwasher with the coffee cups.  Do whatever else is needed to make things ready for MJMCC (e.g., shaking the crumbs off the tablecloth where the snacks were, wiping down the counters in the kitchen, etc.).


  • Set up the altar for Sunday morning.  You have a lot of freedom in terms of exactly what you use to set up the altar.  A typical setup can include, but is not limited to:
    • Collection plates, the Bible and the wooden Bible stand (storage closet)
    • Singing bowl and anointing oil (on top of the candle cupboard by the hymnals).
    • Candles.  Votives for people to light, and usually one or more tall candles.  Group the votives on the left and right of the table, so two people can be lighting at the same time.  All the candles are in the candle cupboard.
    • Matches (some on each side of the table, plus containers for the used ones)
    • Cross of your choice (although this can be omitted if you wish).  The crosses are in the big storage closet in the sanctuary.
    • Some kind of fabric table covering (again, this is up to you).  The “fabric collection” is in the big white closet in the Pine Room.
    • Flowers or some kind of greenery (optional)
    • You are welcome to bring in special decorations from home if you wish to do so
  • Just before the service starts, light at least one candle.  After that, everyone can use your lit candle.
  • After the service, put everything away!