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News for Oct 19, 2021

Rev. Michael Cronin

This Sun, Oct 24

This Sunday at 10 am, join us on Zoom. Rev. Michael Cronin will be our guest preacher. He served most recently as Associate Pastor at MCC of San Francisco and will be at Island United UCC through the end of this year. Join us via Zoom a few minutes before 10 am.

Watch last week's sermon

Last Sunday, Rev. Roy Gesley preached “The Lord’s Prayer: Your Soul.” Watch the sermon or see the worship slides.

Upcoming events

• Book group: Sun, Oct 24 (7 pm), Zoom We'll discuss “The Web of Meaning” by Jeremy Lent. Wednesday discussion group: Wed, Oct 27 (7 pm), Zoom “What are we searching for?” is the discussion topic. All are welcome. In-person worship: Sun, Nov 7 (10 am) During our next in-person worship, we'll observe the Day of the Dead. Karen is providing altar materials; if you would like to help set up the altar, contact Rev. Polly.

Links and resources

• Anjali Kumar: My failed mission to find God • Karl Jenkins' Benedictus from “The Armed Man, a Mass for Peace.” Plus, Jenkins talks about the piece.

Oldest US denomination may split over LGBT issues China's genocide of Uyghurs and the Olympics • Mary Lou Williams thought jazz had the power to heal. The church agreed.

Quote of the week

“A man who is certain he’s right is almost sure to be wrong.”

—Michael Faraday

Weekly online events

• Women's group: Mondays at 1 pm

Usually on Zoom; third Mondays at Fiero Caffe

• Meditation: Wednesdays at 7:30 am

In person at the church building

• Worship service: Sundays at 10 am

Usually on Zoom


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