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Building fund for Trinity Lutheran Congregation

On June 21, 2020, Rev. Jane Buckley-Farlee gave the guest sermon. In it, she mentioned the building that her congregation was constructing with the Islamic Civic Society of America. If you would like to contribute to the building, please mail a check to College Heights with "Rev. Jane" in the memo.

Here is a summary of the project written by Rev. Jane:

Trinity Lutheran Congregation and the Islamic Civic Society of America/Dar Al-Hijrah have worked together on various initiatives in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis for a number of years. During the past five years in particular we have cherished a relationship that is grounded in mutual respect, a belief that each congregation should pass on its faith tradition to their next generation and a commitment to promoting peace and prosperity for all in Cedar-Riverside and beyond. Activities have included interfaith dialogues, community meals, an 8-session Mind-Body-Spirit Health exploration led by Imam Shariff Mohammed, sharing office space, supporting each other’s faith celebrations, serving together on neighborhood councils, supporting each other’s ability to respond to and resist Islamophobia, coauthoring grant applications, partnering in hosting a family of refugees who were new to Minnesota and numerous other activities.

We are now are creating a more formal partnership.  Our friendship has been based in trust, mutual interests and an emerging sense of religious and civic purpose and has developed into a partnership for:

· Promoting interfaith dialogue, understanding and shared action in our neighborhood, the Twin Cities region and throughout the State of Minnesota

· Providing opportunities for civic engagement rooted in faith for members of the two congregations and individuals or groups interested in joining our purpose

· Supporting each congregation’s efforts to further develop, value and apply their own faith within their community, expanding the capacity of each to pass on to the next generation the faith and values central to their congregation’s success in a religiously and culturally diverse community

· Planning, constructing and programming a building at 2001 Riverside Avenue as a physical home for Partnership activities


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