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News for Feb 16, 2021

This Sun, Feb 21

This Sunday, we welcome guest preacher Rev. Kevin Omi, who will preach “Woven Into Wholeness in Silence.” He writes: “I believe that Jesus spent time in the silence of the wilderness so that God could help him with the inner work of transforming his life into the fullness and love-filled presence of the holy. This enabled him to know others deeply and love them into wholeness of mind, body, and spirit — so that they, too, might share the goodness of God with everyone.” The church council will meet after the service. Join us via Zoom a few minutes before 10 am Pacific.

Ash Wednesday service

Join us this Wednesday at 7 pm for a joint Ash Wednesday service. We will gather on Zoom with Many Journeys MCC, Island United UCC, Belmont Congregational UCC, and St. Peter’s Episcopal to mark the beginning of Lent. Bring your own ashes or soil to use during the service. (If you put a drop or two of olive oil in the ashes, they will stick to your skin better.) Please click here to join.

Profile: Rev. Dr. Pauli Murray

The New Yorker profiles Pauli Murray, writing “She was an architect of the civil-rights struggle—and the women’s movement. Why haven’t you heard of her? A poet, writer, activist, labor organizer, legal theorist, and Episcopal priest, Murray palled around in her youth with Langston Hughes, joined the MacDowell Colony the first year it admitted African-Americans, maintained a friendship with Eleanor Roosevelt, and helped found the National Organization for Women. Along the way, she articulated the intellectual foundations of....” Read more.

Upcoming events

• Book group: Sun, Feb 28 (5 pm) We'll discuss chapters 1–14 of “The Alphabet Versus the Goddess” by Leonard Shlain.

Links and resources

The Black Church, a new PBS series with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. • Stefan Waligur’s “All Shall Be Well • “You Raise Me Up

Quote of the week

“The first duty of love is to listen.” — Paul Tillich

Weekly online events

Worship service: Sundays at 10 am

Meditation discussion: Wednesdays at 8 am

Women's group: Mondays at 1 pm


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