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News for Nov 17, 2020

Sunday, Nov 22:

This Sunday at our 10 am service, our guest preacher will be Fr. James Galluzzo, an artist, teacher, priest, spiritual director, and retreat leader. He founded Allies: People To People and Diversity As Gift, organizations based on ending oppression. He directs Portland's Urban Spirituality Center, which offers spiritual direction training and programs on spirituality, conflict resolution, community building, diversity, spirituality, and human liberation. Fr. Galluzzo will preach on “embracing our full humanity, and connecting our inherent human self to all people.” Join us on Zoom at 10 am Sunday.

Watch Rev. Irene' Laudeman's message

Last Sunday, our guest preacher was Rev. Irene Laudeman. She preached “On Joy, Justice, and Mercy.” Her texts were from Exodus and Anne Lamott. Watch her message or see our worship slides.

Book club resumes this Sunday

Join us online this Sun, Nov 22 at 6 pm for our first meeting. We'll start by deciding which book to read next. There are three suggestions so far: Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Stout Why Buddhism Is True by Robert Wright The Patterning Instinct by Jeremy Lent Join via Zoom.

Quote of the week

“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

—Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Weekly online events

Worship service: Sundays at 10 am Click here to join

Meditation chat: Wednesdays at 8 am Click here to join

Women's group: Mondays at 1 pm Click here to join


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